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‘Taste the essence’ of Indian painting – A new book by B.N. Goswamy promises to open up the world of Indian art

‘Taste the essence’ of Indian painting – Apollo Magazine

If there is anything common across Indian painting’s broad reach – from abstract ideas depicted in bright flat colour to sophisticated court scenes of emperors and their nobles – it is rasa, a Sanskrit word whose meaning is central to Indian art, and which might be translated as ‘tasting the essence’, or ‘yielding delight’. And […]

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A quick recap of Indian Miniature Paintings

Mughal Miniature Art

Indian Miniature Paintings The art of miniature paintings can be traced back as far as the 11th century. Influenced by a combination of larger murals and the long-held Persian tradition of miniature paintings, the introduction of this art form to India flourished rapidly, resulting in an extensive history and amazing work. In short, miniature paintings […]

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