Amazing Art Style of Persian Miniature Paintings

Luxurious and truly intricate, Persian miniature paintings are truly catching on as the most beautiful art to have in your home or office. Persian miniature paintings create a sense of spirit within them due to their storytelling abilities that are infused into each and every painting. And, the most amazing aspect about Persian miniature paintings is the fact that color is used so vividly and in a way that evokes passion and intrigue.


Persian Artwork

Persian Miniature

There are many different types of Persian miniature paintings that showcase a wide range of different images and various settings. And, it is truly magnificent to view each painting as a step inside a different world. Looking at each Persian miniature is like taking a step into a different time and place. A place where color was bold and settings evoked the past. The images are exquisite and something that is not seen in the art of today’s era. Persian miniature paintings look brilliant in a home or office where they seem to coordinate with a wide variety of different fabrics and colors. It seems anywhere a Persian miniature painting is placed, the room is instantly brightened up and starts to feel very elegant and even somewhat other-worldly.  Many Persian miniature paintings showcase a time in history that is no longer, giving every painting a real feeling of stopping in time and transporting to a different era.


Persian miniature paintings have a long history in the world. Commonly, they are still associated with royalty because of the great talent that goes into each and every painting. Royal librarians of the past were said to observe the wonderful and talented artists as they worked ensuring each painting was pristine and extremely gorgeous without a mistake or issue whatsoever. Perfection was always highly regarded in Persian miniature paintings and the tradition still holds that Persian miniature paintings are astonishing to behold, even today.

View a gallery of  Persian Miniatures.


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