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Why We Love Buddha Art (And You Should, Too!)

Buddha Manjushri Art

 Buddha Art Just like Gautama Buddha himself, and the various Buddhas that followed in his footsteps, Buddha artwork is rich in history, reflection, and showcases the unique and varying attributes of the original Buddha and the sages who followed. For thousands of years, the Supreme Buddha has acted as a role model and guide for […]

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A brief on Mughal Miniatures

Mughal Akbar Miniature Painting

Originating in South Asia and heavily influenced by Buddhism, Hindu, and Jain, Mughal paintings are most often used as illustrations in books, kept in albums or displayed as a larger set. These specific types of miniature paintings were developed between the 16th and 19th century during the Mughal Empire. Initially drawing inspiration from the Sultanate […]

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Ganesh Art – Brush Strokes and Elephant Trunks

Ganesh Miniature Art

Easily recognizable by his elephant head(s) and his large belly, the Hindu god Ganesh (also known as Ganesha) is the god of wisdom, learning, and success, and Ganesh paintings and artwork composition tend to focus on these qualities, both in modern paintings and ancient depictions. The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesh has four hands, […]

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