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For Those Special Times Choose Ragini Paintings

Ragini Indian Miniature

Ragini Rajasthani Miniatures For the finest in Ragini paintings look to the miniature technique to get the true essence of the art form. The way we look at it, when you purchase Ragini pictures you will be making an investment in your future while at the same time providing your home with unique, exquisite decor. […]

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A glimpse into the world of Rajasthani Miniature paintings

Rajasthani Maharaja Painting

Rajasthani Miniature Paintings During the sixteenth century, the Mughal emperor fell in love with the miniature paintings crafted by Persians, importing artists to further develop the craft back in India. What resulted were Rajasthani miniature paintings, a distinctive style of artwork that focuses on exceptional detail, bold colors, and definitive lines, blended together seamlessly to […]

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