Enchanting World of Krishna & Radha Paintings

When it comes to love stories, perhaps none is as well-known as that of the God Krishna and the cow-herder’s daughter Radha. As such, it has prompted hundreds of thousands of depictions throughout the art world, including breathtaking Krishna Radha paintings.

Krishna Radha Art

Krishna Radha Art

So why does this couple have such a large following, even outside of Hinduism? Radha and Krishna grew up together when the God was living among the people of Vrindavan. Their love started young and flowed deeply, yet eventually Krishna had to tend to his godly duties, leaving the maiden behind.

After years of separation, they met again and wed in front of the people of Vraj and every other god and goddesses in heaven. Since then, the couple has acted the definition of love in Hinduism, and the model for male and female relationships.

This story has held fast for centuries and influenced nearly every major Hindu painting or piece of art focused on love. Since the 16th century, Krishna Radha paintings have been prominent in North Indian artwork, with most featuring the two lovers together and some depicting the years in which they were apart.

From traditional Indian paintings to more modern pieces, displaying a piece of Krishna Radha art is to showcase one of the greatest and most told love stories of all time. Whether you crave a painting showing two separated soul mates pining for one another or want a Krishna Radha painting depicting their glorious re-connection, there is something beautiful out there for you.

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