Why We Love Buddha Art (And You Should, Too!)

 Buddha Art

Buddha Miniature Painting

Buddha Miniature Painting

Just like Gautama Buddha himself, and the various Buddhas that followed in his footsteps, Buddha artwork is rich in history, reflection, and showcases the unique and varying attributes of the original Buddha and the sages who followed.

For thousands of years, the Supreme Buddha has acted as a role model and guide for those whose hearts reach out to Buddhism. And over this time, countless artists have fashioned paintings, scrolls, tapestries, sculptures, and other forms of art, each working to depict the Buddha as well as one or more of his ideals. This Buddha art serves as a constant reminder of what one strives to reach, while subtlety relaying a message of love, hope, knowledge, and self-awakening.

Given his exceptional reach across the world and the ages, the amount of Buddha paintings and art available today are vast. Still a prime subject for modern artists, the act of picking out Buddha paintings or art requires your own level of self-awareness. Because each work is slightly different, and each focuses on the Buddha as a whole or very specific characteristics, your careful decision ensures that your artwork truly speaks to you on a deep, personal level.

Practicing Buddhism is a lifelong spiritual endeavor, but whether you simply agree with many of the tenants or are on your own search for fulfillment, there is a Buddha painting for you. From traditional to modern, ancient recreations to decadent tapestries, impart the true nature of the Buddha into your home with a stunning piece of Buddha art.

You can browse a gallery of Buddha Art here.


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