Why Your First Piece Of Art Should Be Sikh Paintings

Guru Nanak Sikh Painting

Guru Nanak Sikh Painting

It’s easy to understand why famous Sikh paintings are some of the world’s most inspirational forms of artwork ever expressed.  For those who insist on the best, owning a piece of great Sikh art is a smart way to bring a unique style to their home and office.

We sincerely hope that you will discover everything you ever wanted to know about Sikh art now with us.  In essence you’ll be armed with a wealth of knowledge enabling you to shop in confidence online for great Sikhism paintings.  So, if you’re like most art enthusiasts, you want all the facts before you buy.  That said, here’s what this is all about.

Sikh art stems from the Sikhism religion that was founded more than 500 years ago.  Nowadays there at least 20 million people all over the world who follow the Sikh religion and it is the 5th largest religion in the world.

The message of Sikhism is one of devotion and encouraging followers to remember God in every moment of every day as well as live a life of truth and equality of mankind.  Celebrity Sikh art focuses on the teachings of Guru Nanak dev Ji and 10 successive Sikh Gurus that have been enshrined in the Sikh Holy Book, Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Famous Sikh paintings will often depict the most popular and well-known teacher, Guru Gobind Singh.  He is responsible for organizing the Sikhs into a militant community. As you might have already known, he instituted Baptism in water stirred by a dagger.  The vast majority of the Sikh population is located in the Punjab state of India and in the city of Delhi.

When shopping online for Sikh paintings it’s important to do your research.  Take the time to learn as much as possible about the artist behind great Sikh paintings you are interested in.

Exceptional artists will only use the highest quality of canvas, water colors, and enhanced matte paper to guarantee that you are getting great Sikh artwork that is a perfect match to the original art work.


Guru Gobind Singh Art

A great Sikh artist will offer you a unique highly collectible piece and will have a tremendous selection for you to choose from.  Big Sikh art is an exceptional purchase for offices that want to make a huge impression on clients and customers.  Little Sikh art can be an inspirational piece for your home.

Sikh paintings art is a direct branch of the Kangra School of painting.  As stated earlier Sikh paintings used the ten Sikh gurus as their main subjects as well as anecdotes from the Janam Sikh.  Some of the best Sikh art focus on the tenth Guru, Gobind Singh because he left such a lasting impression on the disciples of the new faith.  He’s known for heedless bravery and unbelievable sacrifices.

Sikh portraits show hunting scenes and controversial themes such as the devastating persecution of the Sikhs by the Mughal rulers.  Famous Sikh art include spectacular fresco paintings in the Golden Temple by Gian Singh.

Another famous artist you may be interested in is Pandit Bihari from the court of Ranjit Singh.  His Sikh paintings show scenes of chivalry that depicts Hari Singh Nalwa killing a lion.  In fact, this is one of the most popular Sikh Paintings in all the world.  There’s no substitute for good Sikh art.  And when you purchase your very own piece online, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.  Remember…always go to an expert.

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